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Can we provide you with more information with regards Art Handling? Perhaps we can offer an estimate for a specific transport request?

Please contact us using the boxes to the right of the map. If you need an estimate, be sure to include sizes of the object, a brief description and their origin and destination.

If this is a purchase from an auction house, please include the sale date and lot number.

Thank you.

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handling fine arts and antiques
Comprehensive Fine-Art Handling Solutions
  • Packing & Crating

    Aiston Fine Art Services is well versed in all appropriate methods of packing, we will identify the most suitable packing method for your shipment.

  • Installation & Hanging

    It takes more than just a hammer and nails to hang a painting! Whether it be a single work of art or a whole exhibition let us install your art to make an impression.

  • Insurance

    Never Assume! If you have not paid for insurance, then your artwork is not insured. Let us give you peace of mind and cover your shipment with our All Risks cover.

  • Art Transport

    Aiston Fine Art Services will balance speed, safety and budget to ensure you get the service your precious art deserves, when you need it and at the right cost.

  • Storage

    By their very nature, works of art and antique furniture require careful storage. Let us find the most appropriate home for your artwork, whether it be short or long term.


Aiston Fine Art Services was born from the theory that "one can not be all things to all people" and as such when it comes to handling fine arts and antiques, it is important to find the most suitable shipper for the proposed job.

We have twenty years experience in the handling and transporting of fine art and antiques for the most discerning of collectors, dealers and decorators.

We will make it our goal to provide the most suitable care for your treasures and will strive to provide these services at the best possible price. Please use the information in our website to better understand the process of transporting fragile, valuable objects

Should you have any specific questions or are in need of an estimate, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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